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ArtsEd School of Acting, London, UK - 3 Year Acting Diploma Graduate




Accents:        Central and Eastern European, Israeli, Middle East

Singing:         Alto-Soprano

Dance:           Contemporary, Jazz, Period

Language:     English, Hebrew

Martial Art:     Basic Karate, Kickboxing & Weapon Combat

Fights:           The English Academy of Dramatic Combat Certificate

Sport:             Horse Riding ( Dressage, Show Jumping,  Western), Basic Gymnastic, Wind Surfing,  Astanga Yoga, Diving


Since graduating from ArtsEd Adi participated in varius workshops led by top practitioners to hone her skills, such as:



* Complicite -  The Song with Monika Pagneux, Storytelling with Toby Jones, The Neutral Mask and Chekov with Lilo Baur

* Stacy Makishi - Live performance

* At the IWF with Shared Excpirience, Nancy Meckler.

* Mask work and improvisations with Steven Whinnery.

* Frantic Assembly - site specific.

* Intensive 1on1 Martial  Arts Training led by Shane Steyn (South Africa), Dean Williams (UK), Gordon Alexander (UK).



* Meisner Technique with Jack Waltzer.



* Camera Technique with Daphne Eckler-Kirby.

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