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City of Refuge

City of Refuge 1

Adapted from the short story 'City of Refuge' by Miriam Sivan

Director: Julia Pascal

Playwrighters: Julia Pascal & Miriam Sivan

Visual artist & Choreography: Thomas Kampe

Perofrmers: Adi Lerer & Ofer Yatziv

In April 2007 Adi participated in the development of a new physical and visual theatre piece, CITY OF REFUGE . The piece translates exisitng literature into multidisciplinary driven performance art.

The central theme of the piece is the internal struggle of a pregnant woman trapped in a pre-war European mindset while living in contemporary Israel. Her obsession with Franz Kafka, mixing reality and dreams.

The piece also investigates her struggle if to stay with her Israeli husband and satisfying his conventional lifestyle or choosing an independent life where she creates a new identity for her and her newly-born daughter. The work uses movement, projection and text. The performance was part of a symposium arranged by The Facility, at the London Metropolitan University, which supported the research period.

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