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On the Cusp - Solo contemporary theatre piece

On the Cusp_poster final

Adi sails off from Israel, waving goodbye to the woman on the shore. Off to London and Paris. leaving behind her homeland. Yet things are not that easy. Who is this woman who keeps following her? And what was Mahmood's wife called? Memories can haunt and comfort, induce nostalgia, fear and anger.


A fantastical journey of the performer discovering how she perceives the one she is in conflict with.


As an Israeli and a new British citizen, the show reveals aspects of her background and current state. It explores her persistent longing and need to meet her female counterpart, and what she represents; investigating personal and collective fears and hopes.


Enter a world of magic realism, physical theatre and object manipulation, crossing boundaries in an attempt to acknowledge the “other”.


Created and performed by Adi lerer

Directed by Gillian Foley with David Lockwood

Scenography by Jia-Chiann Ingrid Hu

Duration: 50min


Performed at: Rich Mix, Roundhouse, Salisbury Arts Centre, Jacksons Lane and Camden People's Theatre.

Photos by Shira Klasmer @ 2008

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